Red Team: Strigoi

Well, this new series is slowly progressing, mostly because I’ve created a creature that is damn hard to kill. The hard thing with this first book is bringing Red Team together for the first time and making it seem that way. The camaraderie they enjoyed in A New World has to slowly evolve. And, Lynn… Read More

Time for Another Update

Well, Mark Tufo sent his part from the third book in the Shrouded World series back and I’ve been working on the final touches of the story this past week.  I absolutely enjoy writing in this world as there are few limits and our writing styles, although different, just mesh well together. I sent my… Read More

The Third Wave: Eidolon

The manuscript is back from the editor and in the final reading.  The overall plan is to have it ready to go by this weekend, but it depends on how quickly I can get it done.  I really like the premise for this book’s beginning and the creatures that are created on account of it.… Read More

Off to the editor

Well, the third book in the ARES series, ARES Virus: Phoenix Rising, was shuffled off to the editor late last night.  However, it takes them three weeks to a month to put their bloodied marks on my chicken scratches as they attempt to turn it into something readable.  Once it returns, I have the last… Read More