Back At It

So, I took a little time off during the holidays and it’s taken me a little to get started back up.  However, I did start back up on a limited basis a little while ago.  Part of the reason is that I came to a point in the second book of Lifting the Veil where… Read More

Happy New Year

Well, the holidays, for those who celebrated them, have come and gone and we’ve now started marching down 2018’s path.  I took a couple of weeks off but now starting back at the keyboard.  So, I thought it might be time to give an update as to where things sit with regards to the books.… Read More

Update time

Well, I guess it’s time for one of my sporadic updates.  I finished the first book in a new series which will span two novels.  Lifting the Veil: Fallen is now at the editor for the second round of editing.  It should be back in my hands around the middle of December.  It’s an apocalyptic… Read More

Here’s what’s going on

Well,  the second book of ARES Virus, ARES Virus: White Horse, was recently released into the audio book world. I am slowly catching up with the audio book releases.  Each one takes time, so please bear with me as I work through these. I think I may skip over the start of the third book… Read More

Here’s What’s Up

Well, I’ve been spending a bit of time at the keyboard, with a little time off to enjoy the last few days of sun I’ll see in a while. I figured it was time to catch everyone, and myself, up-to-date on what’s going on.  The first book in a new series with Jack, Red Team:… Read More

Red Team: Strigoi published

Those monsters that kept you up at night as a child, the ones that made you pull the covers up to your chin while you stared into the dark corners and saw shadows move. Or pulled the blankets over your head and imagined creatures inching across your bedroom. Well, they’re real. The Organization, as it’s… Read More

The state of things

It’s been a busy time of late and I’m excited for the upcoming books.  A Shrouded World: Convergence, the third book in the series with Mark Tufo, is going through its final read through on both our parts and should be finished soon.  From there, it will go into audio production and be released in… Read More