Off to the editor

Well, the third book in the ARES series, ARES Virus: Phoenix Rising, was shuffled off to the editor late last night.  However, it takes them three weeks to a month to put their bloodied marks on my chicken scratches as they attempt to turn it into something readable.  Once it returns, I have the last… Read More

ARES Update

The second book of ARES Virus is moving along, although I’ve taken the last couple of days off.  The next time I sit at the keyboard, the story will have reached the 2/3 mark, or something close.  Dean Samed has already designed the cover for it, which will be revealed once I send the draft… Read More

What’s on the Horizon

Well, ARES Virus: Arctic Storm has been released for the most part.  Early this coming week, I’ll get that out on paperback with the audio most likely following later this year.  At the moment, I’m writing on the next book in the series, most likely the last one.  I had intended for the tale to be… Read More