Is It Already February?

2019 arrived and sped right through January. On the heels of the new year, my little angel Tilly fell very ill. It took a month of near continuous vet visits to finally get her stabilized and on the the way to recovery, which is where we’re currently sitting. In the course of that time, I… Read More

Lifting the Veil: Emergence is Live!

Happy New Year and welcome to 2019.  I hope that this year proves a prosperous one for everyone. The third book of Lifting the Veil has been released and should be available in all online stores. The nuclear winter has ended. Survivors cautiously begin to peek out of their underground shelters, each having endured their… Read More

2018 is nearing an end

Well, my fingers are sore as I’ve been grinding away at the keyboard day in and day out.  Lifting the Veil: Emergence, the third book in the series is currently at the editor and I just flew past the 2/3 mark with Lifting the Veil: Risen.  That one is the fourth and final book in… Read More

October Update

It’s difficult to believe that 2018 is nearing its end, but here I sit with the end of the year staring me in the face. It’s been a busy year sitting here at the keyboard. Since taking a little bit of a break writing, I’ve nearly worn out the seat of one pair of pants… Read More

Where We Stand

It’s summer and with the sun out here in the Northwest, it’s been time to get out before the gray sets back in. I’ve been doing some here and there at the keyboard, but my time has mostly been spent with yard improvements. Retaining walls have been built, land leveled, raised beds constructed, and dirt… Read More

A Shrouded World and Lifting the Veil

Well, the editing with the fourth book of A Shrouded World has finally been completed and with the publisher.  I don’t have a specific date for when it will be released as all versions with that series are released together, so the narration has to be completed.  But, it’s finished and should be ready sometime… Read More

I’ve Been A Touch Remiss

It’s been a while since I’ve updated matters, so accept my apologies.  I’d like to say that I’ve been chained to the keyboard, but the fact of the matter is, I haven’t.  I injured my hand and that’s been keeping me from endlessly pounding out words.  I have recently been able to start back up… Read More